Thursday, September 8

Future & Current Alzheimer's Drugs


A plain-English look at dementia medications. Learn about current and future drugs. See what to expect in the years ahead from Biogen, Eli Lilly and other labs.

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  1. We can find articles that proved that Solanezumab is a failed drug, searching in Google with the words "Solanezumab failure" .For example the scientific article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 2014"title:
    "Phase 3 Trials of Solanezumab for Mild l-to-Moderat Alzheimer's disease. "Authors: Doody and colleagues,from the Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center, Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston,U.S.A.,where we can read: " "Conclusion:Solanezumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody,that binds amyloid, FAILED to improves cognition or functional ability"


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