Tuesday, August 16

A Crash Course in Alzheimer's & Dementia


This excellent 8-minute quick-course clearly outlines key facts about Alzheimer's. Learn what happens, who it affects and how it works.

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  1. After seeing this presentation and its explanations of the chemistry involved I challenge anyone to explain how "taking a college class" or "learning a second language" has ANY effect on the progression of the molecular degradation and decomposition of brain cells.

    FACT: the "Alzheimer Disease" process cannot be stopped or reversed, it has only one ending.

    Please stop telling me and my wife that she can be 'cured' if only . . . It is not helpful and cause a lot of hurt. This includes you ALZ Assoc.!

    1. I'm so very sorry that you and your wife are struggling with this horrible condition. I lost my mother to Alzheimer's/ dementia. Death, in the end, was bittersweet. It was a welcome relief for my dear mom yet a tremendous loss for me and my siblings. For those who remain, it is losing your loved one for the second time. It's heartbreaking.

      I cannot imagine what it is like for you with your spouse. I pray for peace and comfort for you both.

      Having watched my mother's progression, I continue to hope for the future. There may not be a current solution, but I sincerely hope that future generations will not have to suffer. I hope that today's discoveries will lead to tomorrow's treatment and eventual eradication of this destructive and miserable life-sucking horror.

      My deepest love and sympathy to you and your wife.

    2. Positive clinical results have been seen when people use near infrared light directly on the head and into the eyes combined with brainwave biofeedback training all done at home. more information at www.quietmindfdn.org

  2. Lost my wife to dementia... it's a hard road to travel. Good to have the knowledge about the condition of your loved one

  3. Congradulations on an excellent presentation that simplifies a complex issue...

  4. Thank you for that awesome,easy to understand explanation.

  5. lack of blood flow and inflammation are the key contributors to neurodegeneration. We have shown that brief (5min) intensive transcranial exposure to near infrared light can stop disease progression and has also reversed cognitive decline in people with early to mid-stage dementia. Clinical trials are now developed with Texas A&M Dept. of Neurosurgery and Quietmind Fdn. to study this treatment. www.quietmindfdn.org


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