Saturday, February 17

A Crash Course in Alzheimer's & Dementia


This excellent 8-minute quick-course clearly outlines key facts about Alzheimer's. Learn what happens, who it affects and how it works.

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  1. After seeing this presentation and its explanations of the chemistry involved I challenge anyone to explain how "taking a college class" or "learning a second language" has ANY effect on the progression of the molecular degradation and decomposition of brain cells.

    FACT: the "Alzheimer Disease" process cannot be stopped or reversed, it has only one ending.

    Please stop telling me and my wife that she can be 'cured' if only . . . It is not helpful and cause a lot of hurt. This includes you ALZ Assoc.!

    1. I'm so very sorry that you and your wife are struggling with this horrible condition. I lost my mother to Alzheimer's/ dementia. Death, in the end, was bittersweet. It was a welcome relief for my dear mom yet a tremendous loss for me and my siblings. For those who remain, it is losing your loved one for the second time. It's heartbreaking.

      I cannot imagine what it is like for you with your spouse. I pray for peace and comfort for you both.

      Having watched my mother's progression, I continue to hope for the future. There may not be a current solution, but I sincerely hope that future generations will not have to suffer. I hope that today's discoveries will lead to tomorrow's treatment and eventual eradication of this destructive and miserable life-sucking horror.

      My deepest love and sympathy to you and your wife.

  2. Lost my wife to dementia... it's a hard road to travel. Good to have the knowledge about the condition of your loved one

  3. Congradulations on an excellent presentation that simplifies a complex issue...

  4. Thank you for that awesome,easy to understand explanation.


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