Wednesday, October 9

Selfie-Video Fights Off Vascular Dementia


Catching a stroke quickly can avoid vascular dementia. See how one smart lady, with one smartphone, shot the video that saved her brain.

Stacey Yepes was out for a drive when she started to experience numbness and tingling on the left side of her body. She quickly pulled over and made a video showing and describing what was happening.

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Using that video, doctors were able to confirm that she'd had a small stroke.

She'd been to the hospital the day before, describing a similar incident that occurred while she was at home watching TV.

The doctors ran some tests and determined her symptoms were stress related.

When it happened again, she fortunately caught it on video.

"Now I am taking a picture for an example of what happens."

"So tingling on left side...on the left side."

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After being referred to Toronto Western Hospital doctors they tested her with an MRI and that's when it was discovered that a small stroke had indeed occurred.

When asked why she thought to take out a smart phone and start recording, she said, "I think it was just to show somebody because I knew it was not stress-related. And I thought if I could show somebody what was happening, they would have a better understanding."

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  1. I bet if she was a man instead of a woman, they would have done an MRI immediately and not sent her home the first time telling her it was stress related.


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