Wednesday, July 20

Slow-Wave Sleep Suspends Alzheimer's Build-Up

Dr. Rudi Tanzi

See what kind of sleep fights Alzheimer's and lowers its risk. Watch Harvard Alzheimer's expert Dr. Rudy Tanzi and bestselling author Dr. Deepak Chopra offer up the latest research.

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of Genetics Aging Research at Massachusetts General. Dr. Tanzi is also one of the world's foremost experts on the causes of Alzheimer's. Dr. Chopra is a physician and bestselling author.

In this video, get tips and ideas on how to achieve better sleep and help promote brain health. The video is based on their popular book, Super Brain.

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  1. How about printing the information, instead of, or in addition to, video???
    It would be much more helpful.

    1. The print form is a book called the Super Brain. It's show right above the video.

  2. I so agree. I'd love to have the information in print form.

  3. Print options please - its hard to listen to on a phone w/ people around.

    1. IMO, the reason they DON'T offer a print version here is to get you to purchase the book. We will have the book available for lending at the Alzheimer/Dementia Support Center, Inc., 700 McHenry Ave., Ste B, Modesto CA 95350 Other support centers may have it as well.

  4. Scroll down to "s" for "sleep" in this blog post. There is lots of print documentation there - too much to post directly:


    Keep in mind, though, that I am not a doctor: I just threw this information into my blog as it became available. Oh, and it's FREE!


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