Monday, November 4

10 Tips to Prevent Wandering from Dementia


Wandering occurs in 60% of people with dementia. It can be triggered by anything from an old memory to poor vision, from confusion to distress. Learn how to stop wandering from repeating itself. Find out ways to prevent it.

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  1. I'm really happy that you posted this video about how to keep those we love safe. My grandpa has dementia. Every now and then, he will wander outdoors. It can get scary sometimes! Maybe these tips will help us as we try to keep him indoors with us. http://www.comforcare.com/arizona/scottsdale

  2. Though she used a very calm voice, reality orientation has no business in Dementia Care. I thought you guys from UCLA know that.

    1. Both reality orientation (truth) or validation (going along with their version of events) have a place - it depends on the person and situation and achieving an outcome of least distress. Saying a person with dementia has no ability to appreciate reality orientation is discarding them as being incapable of being treated as a capable unique human and limiting the tools available to them. People with narrow fixed views have no place in Dementia Care. Everyone knows that.

  3. So glad my daughter has my back.

  4. Best think we ever did for my Dads safety was install dead bolts that require a key from the inside. We keep a key on a laynard around our neck. Before doing this he escaped several times and would fall and get hurt

  5. My mom wandered no matter what. Waited til 2 or 3am. Packed a bag and headed out a fully locked door. Caught her the 2nd time but not the 1st. Always with the answer she was going home (even though she was at her home of 60+ years). She's finally home now.

  6. There are several good points in this video, but I am distressed to see the return of the use of reality orientation. This man accepted his daughter's report that this is home, but how many times do people not accept this report? Isn't it better to determine where he thinks "home" is first, rather than foisting the caregiver's perception onto the person with A.D.? I can't help but think that Naomi Feil would be very sad seeing this video.


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