Tuesday, July 12

The Alzheimer's Research Horizon


A new era in Alzheimer’s research is dawning that suggests we are the cusp of a cure. Watch BBC's full program.


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  1. Could not get it to unwind, but what I do know is this. 126 drugs currently being tested, but they totally ignore the nutritional deficits, unbalanced sodium-pumps and so on. It makes no sense! There is clear cut evidence of "CAUSE" and "EFFECT". Focussing on Amyloid proteins and Tau is not seeing the "WOOD" for the "TREES" when my research is leading me to toxic thyroids and I suspect the cause will end up being the FLUORIDE that is added to our drinking water worldwide and to TOOTHPASTE. Add Statin drugs that remove good and bad cholesterol, yellow oils and spreads, lack of Zinc and Magnesium and all the ingredients are there to start the domino effect that leads to brain shrinkage and eventually cell death.

  2. Supplementing low testosterone with testosterone is useless in men with dementia folks. You need to add ZINC for both men and woman, as it is stored in male organs and stops UTI's, in both, but mostly because it is involved in the control of INSULIN. This is the reason why more woman then men get Alzheimer's. Yes, I have an above average IQ, but I am no genius, so why cannot all the gazillion researchers have figured this out already??


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