Monday, February 28

How Dorseters Live Well with Dementia


See people with dementia share their insights into living well with dementia. This positive video challenges the stigmas of dementia, promoting inclusion in society and community support.

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A popular book on living well with dementia - full of love, commitment, faith & courage:
After watching this video, check out the link below it to the "Attitudes to Dementia Survey".

The survey hopes to help understand whether watching this video improves or reinforces existing attitudes towards dementia issues.

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After you have watched the video - please consider completing the following survey from Bournemouth University:


Bournemouth University

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  1. This is great. I lived with my father for 11 years following my mothers death, nearly eight years of that time we lived with the diagnosis. He wanted a time line. His doctors response was that everyone was different and that he would not put him in a box as far as his abilities or life expectancy, just as he would not put his Autistic child in a box. I was so grateful for that. He passed nearly eight years after diagnosis. I so wish I knew what I know now about the desease having been his caregiver until his death. I was the
    fortunate child, the one who had the time to know the man, not just Daddy.

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