Wednesday, August 17

Alzheimer's Center on Wheels


A 54 foot "Mobile Memory Center" has rolled out in Florida, bring a new level of diagnosis and treatment to people with Alzheimer's. See what it can do. Watch it in action. Learn more about the project.

  • ABC Action News

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  1. This is so wonderful my dad has had all the symptoms and is losing his memory so fast for about 2 years they still have not diagnosed him I will definitely tell my mom about this

  2. We need these all over the United States. I have a special place in my heart for the Byrd Institute. Dr. Amanda Smith was the only doctor that was able to diagnose my mother properly with frontal lobe dementia. The Byrd Institute in Tampa Florida, part of USF, is an excellent facility. Mom is gone, but I pray everyday that a cure is found!


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