Sunday, August 14

Aline & Walt's Life with Dementia: Part 1


Aline Zerrenner was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Until her memory fades away, her husband Walt cares for his wife of nearly 46 years in the comfort of their home.

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  1. I also have been diagnosed with mold cognitive impairment, I am 79 yrs old and have a wonderful husband who makes my life phenomenal!! Arlene

  2. you lot are lucky wife cannot make tea or plug hoover in at 66,and iam utterly fed up of dealing with this,i have no life.

  3. The video was heartwarming. My heart and prayers to you Walt!
    I have chosen to devote myself to caring for my husband. I want to do this, and I think I can! We all must make our own choice as to how to move forward with this illness!
    As the stages move on, it will all change.
    Stage 6 is the most difficult, and of course, 7 is the beginning of the end.
    My husband is in late stage 6 and is still at home. He is 71 now. I am his caregiver, and decided long ago, he would not go into a memory facility. He is a wonderful man. I wish I had HIS patience! I have learned to be more patient, and always expecting the unexpected. You learn as you go along! There is really no support group or manual for this end part of the disease. Your loved ones doctor may help by initiating home care. He has had speech therapy and is still getting physical therapy. This has helped a lot! There are signs to look for as far as swallowing, choking.... you should know the heimlich maneuver!
    There are incontinent products that will help you both! And, the biggest lesson is to keep them hydrated!!! This can cause many problems.
    It takes research, and the day by day experience! Every person is different, as well as their needs.
    I wish you luck, and sending prayers to all caregivers! This is not an easy illness for anyone ~~~


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