Monday, April 11

Singer with Alzheimer's Lands Big Record Deal


Sometimes Ted McDermott can't recognize his son Simon - but he never forgets a song. Despite his dementia, he scored 40 million views on YouTube. See the 80-year-old prepare for his big Decca Records deal by belting out the Frank Sinatra classic, "You Make Me Feel So Young".

(ed. note.: As of March 2021, Ted McDermott is still alive although no longer able to sing the way he once did; his condition has declined, but as his son Simon said in an update on their "Songaminute" Facebook page, "He is a lot more confused, but happy, safe and singing when he can.")


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  1. I love this story. I will look for his recordings, can't wait.

  2. His singing is the real deal of that era. Magic.


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