Monday, February 24

Lonely is a Man Without Love (by Dad with Dementia & Son)


Ted McDermott has Alzheimer's, but he never forgets a song. Millions are following him on YouTube. Enjoy this father/son duet, a delightful triumph of spirit over Alzheimer's! Sing along if you like!

  • The Songaminute Man

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  1. What a fantastic son๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘ฌ

  2. Its not about the song and what it says to me it this amazing Son and Dad sharing this beautiful time together. As his father sings so beautifully I see in his sons face so much love and caring..hope for both of them. Alzheimer's doesn't always get to be the winner..these two are winning today..keep on singing such a beautiful thing in the dark shadows of any form of dementia: ). May God bless you both and all who are living with this devastating disease. My beloved had AD and I always looked for some joy in our day..a touch of his hand in mine..that twinkle in his eyes that still said "I love you." Everyone pray for a cure and more rsearch.

  3. My name was Alice to the above comment..thank you

  4. my man left me , my mother-in-law there yelling at me tat I was to pack my bags and leave .. I could no longer keep the books for the family business, I served a casserole with paper in it, etc....but no idea a break up was coming, really lonely and sad to struggle with cognative decline by yourelf... especially miss the hugs


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