Wednesday, April 20

How Steve's Music Outsmarted His Alzheimer's


67-year-old Steve Goodwin refuses to let Alzheimer's steal his music. Though he can no longer play the beautiful songs he composed for his wife, see him rescue their music with the help of a fantastic friend and professional pianist. (More than 36 songs were recorded by Naomi and Steve in the "Saving His Music" project. Once his music was recorded, a miracle occurred; recording the songs somehow freed Steve Goodwin to be able to create again. As of May 2021, Steve Goodwin and his beloved wife Joni still work in their garden, and hear his music.)

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  1. So very happy for Steve and his dear wife. In the world of Alzheimer's this is such a beautiful story of not letting Alzheimer's always be the winner with friends like the pianist who made a difference. I will say a prayer for Steve that music will always be a part of his day and his beloveds as well. My husband had Alzheimer's. As a couple we always held hands as we would take our walks..on his last day he was still holding my hand with a iron grip that said I will never let go of the love that we shared for almost 50 years...my blessing. Praying for a cure and for all to know some joy in their day living with this dreaded disease..Ann


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