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A Coat for Dementia


A "Memory Coat" solves common memory problems: recognizing your jacket, remembering the keys, closing the jacket and finding the way back home. Learn more.

GELDERMALSEN, The Netherlands, /PRNewswire/ -- The dementia jacket 'my-DBuddy' helps individuals with memory deficiencies maintain independence longer, while preserving dignity. The jacket solves common memory problems experienced by those who would otherwise not feel comfortable going out: recognizing their own jacket, remembering to take keys, closing the jacket and finding the way back home. Of every jacket sold, €50 is contributed to local Alzheimer's organizations.

The dementia jacket my-DBuddy an innovative and useful tool which resulted from a challenge: 'Can you design a jacket for people with dementia?' asked Helga Rohra, a world famous dementia activist promoting a better life for people living with this condition. Ms. Rohra's question inspired Wilma Verhoeks, owner of Wi-Care BV, a Dutch company specialized in designing clothes for people with a disability. This jacket is ready and was presented at the European Alzheimer Conference in Berlin.

Just like other designs by Wi-Care, my-DBuddy is a concept that combines practical solutions with clothes people like to wear:
  • How do I recognize my jacket? Room for a picture on the strap for hanging the jacket.
  • How do I close the jacket? High-tech hook and loop straps in self-indicating colors.
  • How to avoid forgetting my keys, or leaving them in the door? Key cord in jacket.
  • What if I get completely lost? Discretely hidden pouch for name and address.
But the innovation does not stop here. Much like a smartphone, my-DBuddy is an open platform and Wi-Care welcomes novel ideas for extra applications which can be developed and marketed by others under my-DBuddy's umbrella. my-DBuddy must evolve into a cluster of solutions for people with memory problems world-wide.

Of every jacket sold, €50 is contributed to local Alzheimer's organizations in the countries where my-DBuddy is sold, thereby helping both the population in need as well as financially aiding associations dedicated to providing care and support for all those living with Alzheimer's disease.

  • Wi-Care
  • CONTACT: For information: Wi-Care, Mrs. Wilma Verhoeks, +31-61-091-5646; Mr. Edgar Kasteel, +31-62-293-1945, Rijnstraat 24, 4191 CL Geldermalsen, The Netherlands, http://www.wi-care.com, wilma@wi-care.com

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  1. Would use brighter colours and higher contrast with reds, oranges and yellows as most folk with dementia have some kind of brain blindness or visual problem. They need high contrast in colours.


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