Sunday, September 2

Successful Bathing with Dementia


Refusal to bathe is common in people with dementia. Once they are ready, special obstacles pop up. Here are a dozen simple techniques to make bathing so much easier and more pleasant.


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  1. If only it was easy s that.My Dad can not answer or tell me what he likes or dislikes.

  2. My beloved Late Dad developed a fear of the water...Baths became impossible..so we had to wash him head to toe while he stood in the bathroom. To see such a great man be so terribly stripped of every bit of dignity was heartbreaking. Thankfully I knew he was not aware in such a manner to he embarrassed but I know if he did know he would have been mortified...I also had to be with him when going to the toilet to tell him what to do...He had the most loving care from me and a lady who assisted. I miss him so much.


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