Thursday, October 6

How to Manage Dementia's Hallucinations without Drugs


Hallucinations in dementia often pose bigger challenges than memory and cognitive problems. Watch these smart caregiver strategies from the University of Texas.

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  1. he session on Managing Dementia Hallucinations without drugs is good for the early stage to the moderate stage of the disease. A calm voice, reassuring, protecting the patient is useful at any level of the disease and not only with LBD. We must strive to use nonpharmacological therapy in all patients. This included diet, increased movement daily, and maintaining contact with the loved one and their memories. Unfortunately, when medications are required, the response is often no. By withholding appropriate pharmacology, suffers from the disease are often left in a pathetic situation of constant irritability, aggression, and emotional upheaval. Think of the quality of life before making a choice. Too many times, major depression is not diagnosed; psychosis becomes unmanageable. The result is patient’s quality of life suffers. So please, before you condemn the pharmacology look at the symptoms, stage of disease, and did other measures fail. I see too many suffering when appropriate drug therapy is with held by we'll meaning people. Please don't automatically poo, poo potential help because someone from Texas U. Didn't give a balanced presentation.


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