Monday, April 4

Daily Video Message Orients & Reassures Dementia Residents


See how video messages break through Alzheimer's morning fog. Learn why they perk up people with dementia. Watch this pilot program in action.

  • Associated Press

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  1. This is a great idea and can be mood altering, very valuable!

  2. This is a great idea and can be mood altering, very valuable!

  3. I would like to correct something about the video though, Memory-lane.Tv also offers personalised video messages to the community : http://memory-lane.tv/customized/

  4. Excellent idea that the International Caregivers Association (ICA) supports. Unlike the comment made by the Alzheimer's Association representative on this short video, it works for everybody, absolutely. What she means to say, and was not clear about it in her comment, is that every person has a different personality. That is where the differences come in. However there is a standard in dementia care that does apply to absolutely everyone. ICA has created that standard and continues to promote so that everyone who is living with dementia enjoys a dementia-friendly healthcare workforce.

    1. Would love go know what standards of care should be applied universally I'm memory care and frail care units of old age homes. Here in South Africa there is very little knowledge and activity programs of any kind in place. I look after my mom at home myself.

  5. I am of the belief that the Patients well-being should come first, so I took my Granny to Transylvania Romania for better and more affordable Alzheimer's Care through Angels Respite Program. We Skype with her regularly now that I am back in the States, Seems to work well for us.


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