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Still Mine


"Still Mine" is a beautiful film based on the true story of Craig Morrison. An 87-year-old strawberry farmer & cattle rancher, Craig will do anything to care for his wife Irene, weakened by dementia. Fighting the authorities, he builds a small, unauthorized, dementia-friendly house on his farm.

James Crowmwell plays Craig Morrison, a 87-year-old strawberry farmer/cattle rancher who will do anything to take care of his failing wife Irene in her twilight years. Slowly weakening from dementia, he decides to build a smaller house for her across the street on his land, but then faces a plethora of bureaucratic red tape. Even the townsmen seem to be against him as he's got plenty of land when the rest do not. Will good prevail over silliness?

The movie was filmed on location in St Martin, New Brunswick.

There are some tender scenes between the couple, some tense scenes between the father and townsmen, some determined scenes between parent and child.

This great story happens to be true. It doesn't depend on or need any special effects, and there is zero gratuitous violence or sex. Just a gorgeous movie. And filmed in a very beautiful part of Canada. You will be touched by this one, perhaps especially if you are in the second half of your life.

James Cromwell plays his role to perfection. Believable every step of the way. Genevieve Bujold is absolutely perfect in her role. You feel the love, the chemistry, the understanding, and the humanness of their marriage, and their family. You pull for them. And the ending scene is especially beautiful and perfect.

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5 Stars - My kind of movie

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I originally wanted to watch this movie because my own mother has dementia and I thought it would give me some insight as to how others deal with it and how bad it can get, which it did. I also enjoy a good love story, and this one was that.

You can't have a happy ending when one of the characters has dementia, but what you get is a real life "we're in this together" ending. James Cromwell was excellent and so reminded me of my Father, who tries to be patient in the same situations, but sometimes just can't be. I just loved the sweet and tender relationship between Craig and Irene.

For me, the building of the house was just a side story, because the real point of the movie for me was how love endures. It's a rather sad story at times, and yes, I broke down once or twice and shed a few tears, but still loved the movie. Craig is obviously a very proud and stubborn man, but he was building a house for his wife of 60 years, who needed a house that met her current needs, and was hit with road blocks all along the way.

I just wanted to cheer for him when he continued building even when the bureaucratic red tape nonsense said he had to stop and follow numerous regulations. This is a beautiful love story that went straight to my heart. I highly recommend it.

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  1. I was a care giver of my beloved husband for 8 years in our home. We were blessed with almost 50 years together. This movie touched me in so many way...thank you..it was such a message of a tender beautiful love which I felt my beloved and I had also. I miss everything about him and will one day place my hand in his once more! Bless!


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