Friday, April 10

Is "Still Alice" an Accurate Portrayal of Alzheimer's?


In the movie "Still Alice", Julianne Moore plays Alice, stricken with early on-set Alzheimer's. Ken Hepburn (Education Core Director for the Emory University Alzheimer's Disease Research Center) offers a professional perspective on the authenticity of the movie, as well as Moore's performance. See his unique insights.

40-Page Free Book on Lewy Body Dementia

Cover of Lewy Body Dementia Book

Free LBD book, from the U.S. government's NIH, with insights into caregiving, movement, sleep & behavior. More than 1 million American adults have Lewy Body dementia. Learn about this common cousin of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's.

Thursday, April 9

How Much Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimer's?

Coconut and 2 bottles of coconut oil

MCT oil generates ketones, which can help protect against dementia. Coconut oil is rich in MCT oil. What are healthier food sources? How much is a good daily amount to get the maximum benefit?

Alzheimer's Caregiver's Prayer

Beautiful, simple, inspiring.

Wednesday, April 8

5 Tips to Ease Sundowning in Dementia

VIDEO ON SUNDOWNING: See how the UCLA Dementia Care Program deals with end-of-day agitation and irritability, known as "Sundowning". A caregiver asks, "My loved one's behavior tends to get worse when the sun starts to go down. He appears exhausted and restless. What can I do to get him through this time of the day?"

If You're Worried You Have Alzheimer's, You Probably Don't

FORGOT where you put those keys again? Worried about it? The good news is, though you may have a problem, it's probably not Alzheimer's. A real warning sign of Alzheimer's is "anosognosia". That's when you forget and are not aware of it, while other people are. Learn more about what causes memory problems and how to better understand what you see.

Tuesday, April 7

Gloves, Coronavirus Risk & Dementia


Join Teepa's team discussing if living with dementia means higher risk for COVID19. Gloves and distancing are taken up in video #2. Get up to speed on Coronavirus & Alzheimer's.

Are Doctors Over-Diagnosing Memory Problems?

DIAGNOSIS: Worried about minor memory changes? The British Medical Journal revealed how unnecessary tests led to a 23% over-diagnosis rate. Learn the risks, harms & costs to individuals, families and societies.

Monday, April 6

How Dorseters Live Well with Dementia


See people with dementia share their insights into living well with dementia. This positive video challenges the stigmas of dementia, promoting inclusion in society and community support.

Helping a Person with Dementia to Clean Their Teeth


Tooth brushing in dementia can involve a number of tricky details. Anticipating needs is all it takes to make it easy to brush teeth. See dozens of tips to help people with dementia keep their mouth, breath and teeth clean and fresh.

Advantages of Diagnosing Alzheimer's as Soon as Possible

DIAGNOSIS: When memory and thinking seem a little off, people tend to avoid getting a diagnosis. Yet early diagnosis allows for early benefits. These include better planning, treatment and therapy. Learn more about the advantages revealed in an important study.

It's Not Alzheimer's. It's Just MCI.

Twenty percent of people over 65 have mild memory and thinking problems that don't interfere with day-to-day life. Doctors call this MCI, short for Mild Cognitive Impairment. Find out more about what it is and what to do about it.