Sunday, August 5

Drop In on Friends with Alzheimer's


Alan Beamer has Alzheimer's and a message. It's a powerful message to friends and it went viral, surpassing a million views and counting. See why it touches anyone who knows anyone with Alzheimer's.

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  1. Thank you for your courage....you have touched many hearts and have given many an ease in their suffering.no greater gift can be created!always with our gratitude,sandra and brian

  2. A group of people with dementia and I recorded a response to Alan, which we hope he'll see. The video also confronts the stigma of dementia head on, and highlights how people drop away after a diagnosis of dementia. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6NSOpafrC4. Please share!

  3. I understand you both ...

    I take care of my father and have mixed feelings ...
    Anger with those who forget and judge you, thankful for who helps you, frustration for not being able to help him as he deserves and a lot of joy every time I help my father to smile.

    Remember that life is not always fair and there is no time to turn you head down.
    They need us!
    If we can balance our lives and help them ... why not do it?

    We send you support and admiration for you and Alan.

    “If you keep the faith and courage, you’ll always find a way to keep smiling”

    Greetings, from Tijuana México


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