Monday, March 1

Drop In on Friends with Alzheimer's


Alan Beamer has Alzheimer's and a message. It's a powerful message to friends and it went viral, surpassing a million views and counting. See why it touches anyone who knows anyone with Alzheimer's.

  • Ed. Note: At Alzheimer’s & Dementia Weekly we sometimes continue to post videos we believe hold great value despite the fact the people involved are no longer with us. Such is the case with Alan Harold Beamer, whose courageous five-year battle with Alzheimer’s ended on April 21, 2017 when he passed away peacefully at age 67 in Big Rapids, MI with his family and loved ones at his side.
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  1. Thank you for your courage....you have touched many hearts and have given many an ease in their suffering.no greater gift can be created!always with our gratitude,sandra and brian

  2. A group of people with dementia and I recorded a response to Alan, which we hope he'll see. The video also confronts the stigma of dementia head on, and highlights how people drop away after a diagnosis of dementia. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6NSOpafrC4. Please share!

  3. I understand you both ...

    I take care of my father and have mixed feelings ...
    Anger with those who forget and judge you, thankful for who helps you, frustration for not being able to help him as he deserves and a lot of joy every time I help my father to smile.

    Remember that life is not always fair and there is no time to turn you head down.
    They need us!
    If we can balance our lives and help them ... why not do it?

    We send you support and admiration for you and Alan.

    “If you keep the faith and courage, you’ll always find a way to keep smiling”

    Greetings, from Tijuana México

  4. He's right, Mom's family knew that she had ALZHEIMERS for YEARS - yet they stopped calling or coming around... during the last six years of her life - NO ONE in her extended family - nieces, nephews, Mom's ONLY SURVIVING SISTER (and including two adult grandchildren), never called to check on her - or bothered to come see her while she lived here with us, when she moved into dementia care - or during the last 9 months in a skilled nursing facility... After Mom passed, I planned a beautiful private funeral service for my precious little Mom, and only invited the seven folks who were there for MOM and us over the last 6 years of her life.. I published the obit for one day - AFTER the funeral service. The VERY ONES who never called or came around - raised holy hell for a few weeks because they were not invited... I told them - TIME TO SHOW LOVE AND CONCERN FOR FAMILY and FRIENDS who are terminally sick - are while they are still here. I don't have time for fair weather friends or family - either you care - or you don't. ALZHEIMERS victims - need to know that they are LOVED TOO..

  5. I take care of my husband he is 58 with dementia and he has his good days and bad days but we just take it one day at a time. I love him and tell him all the time.


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